Luke 24:52-53 Then they worshiped him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy. And they stayed continually at the temple, praising God.

Last night I had the privilege of attending a Rend Collective concert. This 5 person band from Ireland were rock stars. Not only are they great musicians, but they have a wonderful story to tell about how God led them through difficult days near the sea in Northern Ireland to where they are today. They shared a message of finding joy no matter what your circumstances. We left the venue with our ears ringing and our hearts of fire!

The joy of the Lord is my strength – The joy of the Lord is my strength – In the darkness I’ll dance – In the shadows I’ll sing – The joy of the Lord is my strength

Dance and sing loudly this week as you praise Jesus!

I would love to hear what our favorite verse was from last week’s readings. This week we begin John with these readings…

Sunday – John 1:1-28

Monday – John 1:29-51

Tuesday – John 2:1-25

Wednesday -John 3:1-21

Thursday – John 3:22-4:3

Friday – John 4:4-42

Saturday – John 4:43-54

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