Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

Moving can be overwhelming to say the least. We have spent the past month moving. Box by box – one piece of furniture at a time. Every day during my lunch hour, I load my car with more things. It is exhausting! I fall into bed every night with an aching back and soar arms. But in the morning, I wake refreshed ready for another day of moving.

God gives me the strength to keep moving. I see His hand in every step of this move. He has orchestrated this entire event to perfection. So many pieces had to “fall into place” to acquire the property of our dreams. I am blessed beyond measure to be in His care. He is my strength.

This week we begin our last week of the move. I know we will make it through the home stretch, because God is my strength. May you find the strength you need in the week ahead.

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