Isaiah 26:20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you: hide yourselves for a little while until the flurry has passed by.

How are you all doing with quarantine? My daughter told me “I am just too social for this.” And, I have to agree. My head understands the importance of social distancing and the Stay at Home orders, but my heart misses daily gatherings with real humans.

Jesus understood the importance of self-isolation. He has lived it. Jesus went into the dessert for 40 days and nights to pray – to connect with God. He needed time to distance himself from the crowds.

How are you using this time you have been given to slow down and reconnect with God? If you need a little help, I am offering my book Walking in the Word, A Daily Journey Through the New Testament for just $10 during the COVID-19 outbreak. To receive a copy, send a message or email me at

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Together we will get through this.

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