When A Storm Hits

Psalm 4:5  I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell is safety.

Last week Tuesday I decided to run to Faribault after work because I needed a few more flowers to finish my flower gardens and the local greenhouse had just started their end of the season sale. . While I was making my final planting decisions, a warning was issued for a severe thunderstorm in the area. I purchased my flowers and headed to my car.

As I drove to Northfield, the wind started whipping and the rain was falling in sheets. I continued driving as I swerved around downed branches. I reached our driveway to find a yard globe shattered in the driveway. When I walked into the house our dog was nowhere to be found. I found her hiding in the basement (where I have to coax her down most days).

I began closing our four open windows. As I tried to turn the crank to close the front window in the den, I realized there was no window! It was laying shattered on the ground as wind and rain blew into our house. I ran to the neighbors,  who helped me install a temporary plastic to protect our interior.

As I stood back to survey the damage, I saw the beautiful cross covering our broken window. We were safe. Jesus is forever protecting me and my home and my family. I am able to safely sleep in peace because our God is bigger than the storm!

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