Obsolete Religion


Isaiah 40: 8  The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.

Church life has changed dramatically from when my grandmother attended church, to me growing up in the church, to my daughter’s church experiences.

I have a young coworker who is planning a fall wedding. She is furious at the process of securing a priest to perform their ceremony. Early on they were asked to pay hundreds of dollars for a priest along with hundreds of dollars to attend a mandatory wedding retreat. Now the original priest is unable to be at the wedding, so they were asked to pay two hundred more dollars to secure the second priest. She is angry with the process and she is angry at the church. Instead of her church embracing this new couple with love, they are pushing them away.

A friend told me this week that when he visited Europe, the people there refer to religion as “something we used to do”. What? The European churches are becoming European museums. The trends from Europe usually find their way to the USA. Is this a trend that we will see in our country? Will organized religion become something our grandchildren will read about in history books?

We need a religion revival in our world. The church may look different for our children, but God’s word will stand forever. Let’s share it with the youth in our lives. Don’t let religion become obsolete.

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