Embrace the Season

Ecclesiastes 3:1  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

Friday while attending a dark sky compliance presentation, I met a college student from LA. She chose to attend a college in Minnesota because she “wanted to experience seasons”. She went on to explain in-depth the beauty of each season, including Minnesota winters.

Look for the beauty in every season of life. Slow down enough to fully live in the season you have been given. What is God saying to you? How can you glorify God in this season of life? How can you live each season to its fullest? Life is always changing. God is molding you as you move through this season into the next.

In this winter season that never seems to end, I need to make an effort to embrace winter activities. Last week I went ice skating. I haven’t skated since our kids were young. It felt amazing to be on the ice. Although, I will never be an Olympic skater, I did manage to stay upright….. and that was a win!

How will you embrace your season of life? May you find joy in everyday, not because life is always good, but because God is.

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