Where are you from?


Psalm 137:4  How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?

When I travel, I have people ask me all the time…. “So, where are you from?” Such a simple question, asked to strike up conversation with someone we have just met. Yet, I am never quite sure how to answer their question.

I was born in South Dakota. I lived in Wisconsin for 30 some years. Then I moved to Iowa where my family and I lived for 8 years. Currently, I have lived in Minnesota for 7 years.

As I struggle with how to properly answer their question of where I am from, I never struggle with the question of where I am going. Because, I know Jesus has gone before me down every road and every struggle I have encountered. He is preparing a home for me where I will dwell with him forever!

Where are you from?

More importantly, where are you going?

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