My Sheep


John 10:27-28  My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand.

My oldest son raised and showed sheep when he was growing up. It was his passion. He spent many hours with his sheep. Every day he would sit with his sheep, feed his sheep just the right amounts of feed, exercise his sheep to develop muscle, and talk to his sheep to encourage them to be the best they could be on show day.

When the lambs were young, they ran away from my son. The first time on a walk with a halter, they resisted by falling to the ground, rolling their eyes in the back of their heads and making an awful noise. Through persistence and patience, those sheep came around and began to trust their shepherd.

By the end of the summer, when my son drove on the yard with his loud pickup, those sheep went running to the fence to see him.

Jesus is your shepherd. Do you resist his leading, or do you run to the fence anxious to spend time with him when you hear him approaching? Your shepherd wants only the best for you. Allow Him to guide you and protect you.



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