Proverbs 12:1  Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.

“In knitting, as in everything else, you learn as much from your mistakes as you do from your successes.” -Pam Allen, Editor, Interweave Press

I have had the privilege of spending this past weekend attending classes and lectures at Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis. I have learned so much, and realized I have so much to learn….  The sampler in the picture is a piece I worked on in a color strand knitting class. Looking back, I am not happy with all of my color choices. I made a few color mistakes, but I have learned from those mistakes. I enjoyed the process of choosing colors and, oh, I do love the rhythm of knitting, but following the color chart was a challenge. The more I study the pattern and knit, the more proficient I become and the more beautiful my finished garments will be.

The same is true when we spend time daily in God’s word. The Bible is God’s pattern for our life. When we follow the instructions provided we find peace. When we continually go back to the instructor, we will be successful. Take time this week to learn something new!

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