House Hunting


Psalm 127:1  Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labors in vain.

Last week our oldest son was married. This week we sent time with the newlyweds looking for a new house in Iowa. We were shown older houses with lots of character, new cookie cutter style houses, quirky houses, and houses in the country on a few acres for livestock. Any of the houses we looked at would work for a newly married couple, but this was the first major decision they would have to make together in their marriage. I enjoyed listening to the two of them debate the pros and cons of each house, slowly eliminating the houses they didn’t care for. Soon they were down to only two options, and continued to discuss those as they boarded their plane……

I am thrilled, because either of the two final houses will be perfect for our son and his new wife as long as Christ is the center of their home. A home built around the Lord will stand forever. Think about the house you live in. What is your house built around? Is it time for a home makeover? A home built by the Lord will stand the test of time!


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